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Trees are the lungs of the planet and the ecological value cannot be measured with money. This is even more relevant today since the oceans are becoming contaminated.  Harvesting trees is beneficial to the environment because the re growth of young trees helps to absorb more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen than old trees.  

At present, there is no visible shortage of trees and plants on Earth, but deforestation is spreading at an alarming rate. If new trees are not planted, eventually the planet will look like a desert without life.  Each year primary forest area (as opposed to plantations) about the size of Ireland is cut down globally. Precisely when more trees are needed to provide oxygen for population growth and the absorption of excessive carbon dioxide, deforestation continues.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, "a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year."

Because of the deplorable ecological conditions around the world my family decided to dedicate their time to protecting the environment. We purchased this unique property in Costa Rica consisting of 750 acres.  350 acres is primary forest that was in danger of being logged and the other 350 acres was pasture land. The pasture land has been planted with teak trees and other local species. We have been in business for 24 years and have already harvested the first plantation and new trees are regenerating and need maintenance. A portion of the profit from the harvesting is applied to maintain the 350 acres of primary forest.

Reforestation also helps to improve the quality of human life by soaking up pollution and dust from the air, rebuilding natural habitats and ecosystems, mitigating global warming since forests facilitate bio-sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.  Reforestation also provides a harvest for resources, particularly timber.  This unique property has an abundant variety of flora and fauna; orchids, birds, monkeys, and other rare species which may become extinct if the trees are not protected.

This offers both economic and environmental benefits. Trees produce oxygen in excess of carbon dioxide. Only the excessive carbon produced by modern industrial activity is damaging to the environment.

Any funds contributed to the tree maintenance would help protect the existing primary forest and maintain the trees we have planted to encourage healthy growth of the newly regenerating trees, which would also protect the flora and fauna and the numerous flowing creeks, waterfalls, and lagoons.  Macaws of different colors are abundant.  A variety of birds are also in this area and feed on the teak tree seed.   

A tour of the property and other benefits are offered to visitors and all those who contribute towards maintenance of new trees and protection of the trees and flora and fauna. We are proud to share this paradise and campsite facilities with all the people who contribute.  A future plan includes: building cabins, a clubhouse with a restaurant, a pool, a tennis court, and an organic garden and greenhouse will be available for those who contribute to the teak tree maintenance.

The property is located approximately 2 hours from San Jose and 20 minutes from Jaco Beach.  The private resort of Punta Leona Beach Resort is also nearby.  We are doing our part protecting the environment and we would love for you to join us in this project.  The property overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a breathtaking view of the mountains with abundant pristine creeks, waterfalls, endless trails, and wildlife that includes a wide variety of beautiful birds.

Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly and safe countries in the world. Ecotourism is extremely popular for tourists that visit the national parks and protected areas in Costa Rica. The country was a pioneer in establishing ecotourism and is recognized as one of the few international destinations with real ecological options. The annual tourism industry income for Costa Rica is about US $2 billion. Costa Rica is the country most visited in Central America.  

We greatly appreciate your contribution and hope we can build a long-term relationship as this project grows. Because of the structure of this investment it qualifies for a tax write-off in Canada.  Consult your financial adviser in your jurisdiction for any tax benefits.  

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