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Partnership for Land development in Costa Rica.   


The Partnership will be a Florida partnership formed to advertise, market and develop hillside lots in Lajas CR which will provide positive cash flow to the Members over the course of their investment. The Managing Members will utilize their many years of experience acquiring and operating similar

projects to provide the maximum potential return over the medium term (5 to10 years) for Members. Lots have been chosen based on their ability to provide ease of sale and capital appreciation potential. The lots are located in Lajas Costa Rica just up the road from Quebrada Ganado, near Jaco Beach. Lots will be priced initially at $35,000 each net to the project.

Foreigners are already purchasing lots and building houses for retirement near the land proposed to be developed.  Even Costa Ricans are purchasing lots in this area that is becoming more popular each day.  This location is popular because it sits on a mountain top and is only about 15 minutes to Jaco Beach, the Punta Leona beach and hotel, Herradura Hotel and Marina, and El Sueno, a five star hotel.  It's not advisable to purchase land near the ocean because of the rising sea level.  The property is only about 2 hours from the San Jose Airport.  The topographer is working on designing the access roads and the lots.

Marketing Advertising and Software Development Program

The Partnership will pay for the Marketing and Advertising, Internet, Print and other, for the lot sales in return, it shall be entitled to receive 20% of the cash proceeds from each lot sold.  An US Funding entity, IR Inc, will provide the balance of the funding to each Member for the Program.

The initial units are based on $75,000 investment per Member with a loan of $125,000 from IR Inc. The financial results QB Ecolots expects are shown herein. It is based on our review of the local market and we have used our experience in development to provide what we believe to be a likely cash expectation.   



The Managing Partner, Canflor General, Inc. is an experienced Florida asset manager. They have been involved in Software Development, Marketing and Development for many years. They will handle the funding, financial affairs and reporting back to Members           

The Land Developer will operate under the budgets and guidance of Canflor. The principals of Canflor are Mark Koivu, a CA with over 20 years’ experience in the Florida real estate business; and Lori Koivu, who has more than 15 years’ experience as a property manager, advertising and marketing director with some  of the largest property owner/managers in the U.S.A.  

Property Development

The Partnership will not be directly involved in the Development. Rather, the current Land Owner will be tasked to develop, register, survey, subdivide and sell the lots. The lots should start selling in 2019.  The current plan is to have 10 hectares subdivided and 80% sold each year once sales start.           

Return to Partners  

The partnership will receive 20 % of the Sales Price of the lots. Of this 80% will be distributed to Members. The balance, or 20% of the Net Cash Received by the Members will be paid to IR Inc to repay the debt Income Tax Refunds. The Members will have an income tax deduction in each of the first 2 years which should more than cover the cash investment of those years. Future cash flow, however, will be taxable as received.

Biological Reserve and Teak Tree Plantation

The teak plantation also consists of primary forest, including many species of trees native to Costa Rica.  From 1993-94 about half of the property was dedicated to planting teak trees. The 740 acre farm is considered a large spread for the area.  It stretches far and wide over the mountainside and reaches an altitude of 1500 meters at the highest point.  The view from the apex provides you with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  There are many pristine creeks,  water falls,  natural pools, magnificent ocean views, and several nature trails for hiking or horseback riding.  It is paradise for the ecotourist.  All those who purchase building lots have access to this private park. 

Ecotourism and Retirement

The ecotourism industry is growing rapidly in Costa Rica. There is a high demand for such facilities in the South Pacific coastal area where the farm is located.  The industry has been spurred on in Costa Rica by the worldwide demand in the travel industry for adventure vacations.  Costa Rica has become a popular destination because of its special biological diversity, its unique micro-climates, economy, political stability, safety, and friendly people. This assures increasing land value. Costa Rica has also become a very popular permanent retirement destination for thousands of Canadians, Americans, and Europeans who are escaping the harsh northern winters.  Canadians are also discovering Costa Rica as an exciting alternative to Florida and Cuba for their winter vacation destination

Financial Projection for the land development in Costa Rica

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